Nothing is more difficult to start with something new within an organization while at first there is no attention at all for this new subject. (greenfield operation) I remember with pleasure the time when Igor took the first steps towards cyber security with his entrepreneurial knowledge and high availability work ethos.

Jan Visser, Jan Visser team manager telecom & it Liandon Engineering

In 2014, Igor began working on cyber security and building awareness within one of the largest electricity and gas distribution companies in the Netherlands. At the time I was involved in the alliance department of this company but the subject intrigued me so much that I literally made my work of it. Igor has always made its knowledge available and is able to work well together. I follow this Modus Operandi and we are still working together to make the world a bit safer. Step by step.

Johan Rambi, CyberSecurity and Compliancy

During the technical decomposition presentation of the stuxnet attack at the TEC meeting (keynote Igor) I realized that we should be cyber resilient fast. Igor is hands on and a true leader empowering other (digital) leaders.

Anja Vijzelaar, Director Joulz Projects

Igor really fostered the first steps in CyberSecurity in Joulz back in 2013. We started to become a cyber secury company and got our 27001 certification. "Niet lullen maar poetsen"

Peter Oomens, Director Engineering Joulz