Our Main Services

Flexible Cyber Capacity

There are more available positions available in cybersecurity then ever. In 2018 : 200.000 vacancies in Europe. But this issue is really global. So we work with the best experts worldwide. And we foster knowledge sharing and maintaining good alliances with all stakeholders.


In the 21st Century the (legal) implications of data leakage are extreme. Governance Risk and Compliance are a ever evolving complex field. So you better buckle up. It's not if it's when ; and preparing your people for these scenario's is just simply smart.

CISO Support

It's a tough job 85% of the IT people active in cybersecurity are looking for other positions. So sometimes you need a extra piece on the chessboard just to get things right.

A trusted network

Resilient Shield is all about people. We have years of experience in cybersecurity since 2013 and we are allways improving our personal skills. Connected to IEEE, ITU, EU, ENISA, IEEE and many ISACS we cover the entire planet in network and expertise. In many cases we work in a confidential-need-to-know modus operandi.