Since his promotion in information management, Bernd Wondergem (1973) has worked as an advisor in the security sector. Bernd started his consultancy career at a specialised consultancy firm and then switched to established firms such as CMG and KPMG. Bernd has been working as an entrepreneur in organisational advice since 2006. In addition to his doctoral studies, Bernd has also completed studies in computer science (Utrecht) and business administration (Tias Business School).

In 2003 Bernd, together with Ron Smits, wrote a book on process-oriented working for the police, entitled 'Targeted performance with processes'. A nomination for the PIP prize was thus won.

Bernd has carried out projects and consultancy assignments for various police districts, municipalities, the Ministry of Security & Justice, national (chain) programmes, the Child Care and Protection Board, the Youth Care Agency and other organisations. Bernd's assignments are often on the cutting edge of business operations, innovation and information management. In the latter case, the use of new media is often an issue. Bernd can make excellent use of his 'old' field of expertise, as well as experience in other industries including media companies, banks and insurers.