Igor van Gemert is a smart resilience visionary guy, employing disruptive technology to create and improve high tech and high impact business models & services. His strong background in cyber security, artificial intelligence and 3D/VR/AR simulations, and excellent people skills allow him to steer complex technology driven projects and motivate his teams to excel and create ground breaking innovations.

Since the last 4 years he created SIM-CI.com (owned by Alliander) and since 01 April 2018 he starts with his own consultancy and software company focussed on Cybersecurity. He is active for more then 20 years in the field of cyber and management consultancy and he is know for his inspirational leadership and entrepeneurial attitude.

During the last 4 years I've noticed that Cybersecurity is still a very underestimated problem. So he created 7 e-learning modules fostering cyber resilience.

Together with his team, he tries to make companies digitally resilient by means of these training courses. In doing so, it ensures that the content of the program is good and that the location is excellent. We live in a society where the dependence on the Internet will only increase. This, in turn, contains various vulnerabilities that must be mitigated as quickly as possible. These training courses are often part of a process of change in which the organisation changes from a consciously incompetent organisation to a consciously competent organisation. But this not only requires awareness but also the selection of the right tools and leadership in order to organize the processes properly.

Specialties: Awareness, Security Architecture, Risk analysis, Business Process Analysis, Business Continuity Management, Smart Grid Cyber Security, ICS/SCADA security, Data Protection, Data Protection Impact Assessment, Cyber Security strategy, Cyber Resilience Framework, Cyber Security Maturity Model, Governance Risk & Compliance, Integrated Risk Management,Innovation Management, Boardroom Consultancy-CxO, CISO Counterpart, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Mitigation Scenario Development, Keynote speaker, Trainer, Analyst.

Cyber Security Expert, Key Note Speaker and Serial Enterpeneur

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